Thursday, December 29, 2011

Friends, strangers and acquaintances from around the globe: I welcome you.

Thank you for Joining me on my first blog post since the early 2000's. It seemed like ages ago that I wrote about myself on a designed-for-the-times website called xanga... Pre-Myspace, Those were the days!  It has truly been a long time and so much has changed in the world of technology. It may take me a while to get the dust and cob webs off so please, bare with me.

I don't boast any particular whit or wisdom but I have been toying about with the idea of putting portions of my brain into digital form so as to be better displayed publicly for the benefit of other prying eyes and inquiring minds. I would much rather have put a portion of my real brain on display and have it carted around from town to town in a jar of formaldehyde... or perhaps in an air tight glass box. At any rate, the risk of my brain being damaged in transit was considerable and the task of finding my brain a suitable handler is rather daunting. So here we are... On the internet.

Since my last visit to the 'digital realm' things have greatly changed, both here and in the physical world. People seem to have shorter attention spans, music production has fallen in the crapper, social networking has made face to face human interaction less meaningful, the government has gone to war with all sorts of countries and gotten themselves deeper in debt, the internet is faster, better designed and accessible by mobile devices without having to plug you computer into a phone line, everyone has a cell phone that is also a computer, music player, camera, recording device and lord knows what else! The times have gotten faster and crazier and I wonder how things will ever slow down again. There is a generation who does not remember life before the internet... It is this sort of thing that truly boggles my mind.

Also in this time I have released over a dozen albums with various forms of my band, traveled all over the United States, been rich, been broke, lost everything, gained everything, played with some of my favorite bands, been played on the radio, performed in front of 8 thousand, performed in front of 8, It truly has been a good life... Not easy... But good.

This is probably enough for now. I have a decade I could recount to you but I will spare you. Thank you for joining me.

May your dreems be deep and keep you far from the clutches of death.

-Rev (Tyler) Folklore

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